Beth Ernst

READ: 20 Questions with Beth Ernst BIO: Beth Ernst joined the Westby Associates team in August 2018 as the Executive Administrative Assistant. Her compassionate and nurturing nature, along with [...]

Taylor Matson

READ: 20 Questions with Taylor Matson BIO: Taylor is a compassionate and creative professional specializing in grant writing, research, management, and administrative support. She’s a high [...]

Kelsey Castrey

READ: 20 Questions with Kelsey Castrey BIO: Kelsey Castrey joined Westby Associates in 2013 as our Special Project Coordinator. Now, A Junior Associate, Kelsey’s gentle and willing spirit, [...]

Megan Dixon

READ: 20 Questions with Megan Dixon BIO: Megan Dixon joined the Westby Associates team in October 2015 as an associate providing support to capital and capacity building campaigns. She has a [...]

Ingrid Dankmeyer

READ: 20 Questions with Ingrid Dankmeyer BIO: Ingrid Dankmeyer is responsible for grant development, writing, research, and reporting at Westby Associates and has written over $3 million in [...]

Mike Westby

READ: 20 Questions with Mike Westby BIO: Mike Westby began his career in journalism, spending his first six years out of college as an award-winning sports columnist. But more than 30 years ago, [...]

Patti Westby

READ: 20 Questions with Patti Westby BIO: Patti Westby trained as a CPA, receiving her license in 1985 after graduating from UCLA, and has practiced in both the private and public sectors for 20 [...]

Michael Wilson

READ: 20 Questions with Mike Wilson BIO: Mike Wilson is our senior associate and resident political expert with over 15 years of capital campaign and fundraising experience. A Vancouver native, [...]

Lisa Capeloto

READ: 20 Questions with Lisa Capeloto BIO: Lisa Capeloto is an event planning and funding development professional, specializing in the advancement of community-based charitable organizations. A [...]