Patti WestbyPresident

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BIO: Patti Westby trained as a CPA, receiving her license in 1985 after graduating from UCLA, and has practiced in both the private and public sectors for 20 years in California, Washington, and Oregon. During her career, Patti spent several years developing new business and managing client relationships in the private sector, as well as for accounting firms such as Deloitte Touché. Today, Patti continues to develop her expertise in tax codes and their implications on philanthropy.

Patti is very detail-oriented and organized. She also has a deep heart for service and finds her current work so rewarding because she has the privilege to be a part of several nonprofits making a huge impact in their communities. Patti is known for her great love of people and for her warm and caring approach towards donors, clients, and the Westby staff. And because her deep warmth radiates outward, Patti also has a gift for “landing the interview” during feasibility scheduling.

Patti’s passion is singing and she loves her family deeply, including her two golden retrievers Tucker and Lilly. She’s also had the pleasure to perform in a few theatrical productions with both her husband and her kids, which has been the highlight of her life!

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