Westby Associates, Inc. can help your organization think and act strategically.  We are one of the leading non-profit consulting firms in the Northwest.  Through a wide variety of strategic services, and a custom approach to every client and project, we have generated over $300 million for organizations throughout the Northwest.


Mike Wilson

In Memoriam 1955 – 2021

Oh the stories he would tell…. Mike Wilson was a man of deep passions, absolute commitment, and unique transparency.

He loved life, which for him included fierce loyalty to his family, his friends, his dogs, his Catholic upbringing and faith, and his profession. He balanced them all with a boundless energy.

To know Mike Wilson was to know Mike Wilson stories, which always involved a self-effacing humor that exposed a vulnerability.  His love of storytelling and good humor prodded him to roll past the barriers and buzzers most of us build and install to protect ourselves from the judgments of others.  Mike loved to tell stories about himself.

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Think and Act Strategically.

We’ll assist you.

Our Mission

To provide customized consultant/practitioner services to nonprofit and public service agencies, assisting them to think and act strategically.

Our Vision

To impact communities throughout the Pacific Northwest, in both rural and metro areas, through our unique model of support and services.

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services each designed specifically to connect your organization’s mission to its vision, and to improve your strategic thinking and capacities.

Our Approach

  • Developing and/or affirming clear and compelling mission and vision statements
  • Identifying strategic priorities that are grounded in mission and aimed at a vision
  • Broadening the ownership of the vision and its strategic priorities through market research and feasibility studies


  • Westby Associates has guided us through the tough times and shown our organization (and our funders) that creativity, tenacity, and flexibility are as important as the original plan. View Case Study

    Eric Erickson Executive Director, CDM Caregiving Services
  • At the end when we looked back, Mike brought in almost 30 times what we paid them and we all agreed, what a great investment and we made a good friend. View Case Study

    Jared Rogers Board Member, Elgin Heath District Board
  • I would never have known how to start this massive campaign. They’ve been critical in every step of the way. We could have never done it without them. View Case Study

    Chantay Jett Executive Director, WVCW

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