Talent Recruitment & Acquisition

Talent Recruitment and Acquisition

As nonprofits seek to fulfill their mission services in the community, having the right leadership is key. Executive leadership molds and guides their vision to continue serving and impacting their communities. 

Westby Associates, inc. can guide through preparation for and recruitment of executive leadership including CEO, Executive Director, Directors of Development, Communications and Marketing. A customizable three-month executive search could include the following elements:

  • Job description review with an analysis of staffing pattern in context of evolving organizational needs per strategic plan
  • Creation of matrix and metrics for job performance
  • Preparation and planning for candidate search 
  • The identification/development of a competitive and competent candidate pool
  • Recruitment of search committee and ambassadors to assist in identification of prime candidates
  • Recommendations for marketing the position 
  • Development and oversight of interview format and recommendations for hire


lisa carpenter

“Working with Westby Associates, Inc. (WAI) to recruit a senior level executive made my job considerably easier as the position of Development Director was a new position for us.  Westby Associates, Inc. worked professionally, diligently, and effectively to make the project go smoothly from beginning to end.  Having consultants such as WAI who specialize in the non-profit industry was extremely valuable to us.  WAI took the time to understand our specific needs and then developed an innovative and highly successful recruitment process during the COVID pandemic.  All the meetings with us and potential candidates were conducted virtually.  Each of the top 3 candidates presented to us were of the highest caliber.  As a result, we were able to hire an exceptional candidate.  I would highly recommend Westby Associates, Inc. for their talent acquisition services as they clearly understood my company’s needs and core business.  WAI was definitely on our team throughout the entire process.”

-Lisa Carpenter, Executive Director, Family Solutions

Vancouver, WA

Successfully Recruited Talent

annette cleveland

-Annette Cleveland, Development Director, Family Solutions

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