Michael WilsonSenior Associate

Mike is our Senior Associate and resident political expert. He has over fifteen years of capital campaign and fundraising experience. Born and raised in Vancouver, WA, Mike’s political aspirations took root locally when he managed a Washington State Congressional race. This led to being appointed to Vancouver City Council, and twice elected and served seven total years of public service. At the same time, he was Executive Director of the largest residential non-profit program for adults with developmental disabilities in SW Washington. While there, he successfully lobbied the legislature to give individuals with developmental disabilities the choice to move out of institutionalized group homes and into residential neighborhoods. Defending the rights of the developmentally disabled is just one example of Mike’s tenacity and desire to make a difference on behalf of nonprofits.

Mike’s passion is evident as he advocates in the political arena. His leadership has brought millions of dollars to local non-profit capital campaign projects. He also helped shape the Westby Associates philosophy of achieving success through Mission/Vision based philanthropy. Attend one workshop with Mike and you’ll be amazed by what he can help your organization accomplish.

Mike graduated from University of Portland and spent two terms studying at St. Clare’s Hall in Oxford, England. This international experience, along with being a former radio talk show host, gives Mike a broad world’s eye view in approaching Westby Associates’ client work. Mike enjoys travel, social occasions, and is most happy in the company of good friends and a memorable meal. Mike is the proud father of one daughter and lives in Vancouver, WA with his two dog pals Oscar and Riley.

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