Philanthropy Turns ‘Hows’ into ‘Wows’

This particular column on philanthropy comes to you from the center of our state where last night our company participated in a record-setting paddle raise along the shores of Lake Chelan. A [...]

Take These 5 Steps Before Starting Your Capital Campaign

The beginning stages of a capital campaign can be an exhilarating and scary time. You know you have a burning need – for a new building, a new program, a new position – and the possibilities you [...]

Sponsors: How Important Are They

The short answer? Very. When it comes to planning and executing your nonprofit’s event, the mix of sponsors can be the difference between failure, success, or wild success. Developing those [...]

4 Principles For Creating Commitments Instead of Donations

I believe that a well-told story is one of the most effective ways to illustrate an important point. Here’s a good one to get us started: Westby Associates is often asked to assist in executive [...]

Writing Grants and Keeping Your Sanity

START MANAGING THE 3 PHASES Under the best circumstances, grant writing can be a complicated and mysterious undertaking. It’s also an essential undertaking for most nonprofits. So how do [...]

A Tale of Two Gardens

I love to garden, it’s in my blood. Growing up in [what used to be] the outskirts of Boise, Idaho, my family depended on our large garden to provide 90% of the produce we ate during the year. But [...]

Where We All Come Together

Those who know me have probably heard me say “I can’t afford politics.” That is to say, I can’t afford to express a viewpoint that polarizes my clientele. This, I acknowledge, has the [...]

The Slippery Slope

I see a lot of slippery slopes. And I don’t even ski. The slippery slopes I encounter are a metaphor for uncertain leadership.

We Stand on the Shoulders of a Giant

Sir Isaac Newton is largely credited with the phrase that says he was able to see further because he “stood on the shoulders of giants.” The expression is intended as a nod to past generations [...]

What Tom Brady Can Teach Us

As a former sports columnist I could not resist the opportunity opine on the Tom Brady air affair. It is germane to this space because it transcends sports. It is an opportunity to talk about [...]

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