A Masterclass on Philanthropy: 5 Can’t-Miss Lessons from Icons

Note: This article was first posted on the Vancouver Business Journal website and can be viewed here.

I miss Ed Lynch and Ray Hickey.

This community has lost many others in the time since their deaths, but these guys stand out. I use the present tense here with intention and resolve because Ed and Ray truly live on in their actions and their legacies.

I had the extreme great fortune to work with both men on projects over the years. This work included several meetings and conversations. From my notes of those conversations I have actually created a workshop that focuses on a best practices model based on their words. To that end, it is also very fortunate that my first career was as a journalist because I was trained on how to take notes, and the importance of doing so.

And so, as a result, I believe you are in for a treat because most of the words to follow are from Ed and Ray themselves. They echo with wisdom, common sense, truth and enduring power. If you’re lucky you will be able to – as I have done repeatedly with success – squeeze your eyes shut just right and conjure their faces and expressions.

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Mike Westby is the president and CEO of Westby Associates, Inc. in Vancouver. He can be reached at mtwestby@westbyassociates.com.

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