Columbia Adventist Academy & Meadow Glade Adventist Elementary School

A Case Study

Turn-Around Campaign

Battle Ground, WA

For over 100 years, Columbia Adventist Academy has provided holistic Christian education that nurtures mind body and spirit.

Westby Associates started working with Columbia Adventist Academy in November 2005. We conducted a mission-vision workshop which was followed by a feasibility study. The feasibility completed in 2008 was successful in proving a $5 million campaign. But two months later, the economy went into a freefall, and $1.5 million from feasibility disappeared; meanwhile the project cost jumped from to $6.2 million. This facility replaced a 71-year old building on the campus, more than doubling the capacity to serve families in Clark County by adding space for 150 new students, for a total enrollment capacity of 250.


The Formula

This campaign is not your classic “turnaround” in that it did not stall. It had to deal with ground conditions that included a freefall of the economy, lost donors, and increased costs. This required refreshed strategies and tactics, including an enhanced marketing plan to increase enrollment of the school to both strengthen the case for the capital campaign, and bolster the pro forma budget for operations in the new campus.

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The Result

The 25,000 sq. ft. building opened in 2009.

Matthew Butte, Past Principal of Columbia Adventist Academy

(Current Development Director of The Children’s Center)

“Westby Associates, Inc. was hired to help Columbia Adventist Academy’s stalled capital campaign. However, their consultancy work went far beyond providing direction and momentum for the capital campaign. They helped us establish a clear strategic plan, transformative priorities, and gave us the tools and skills necessary to build a successful development program. Mike Westby and his team had a lasting impact on Columbia Adventist Academy and upon my own personal and professional development.”

But wait, there is more

Shortly after the Columbia Adventist campaign completion, we were referred to their neighbor, Meadow Glade Adventist Elementary. Our work there focused on a struggling campaign for a new gymnasium. We were able to conduct successful feasibility and then raise $2.1 million during the capital campaign. The 11,960 sq. ft. gymnasium opened in 2013.

Columbia Adventist Academy & Meadow Glade Adventist Elementary School

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