20 Questions

Mike Westby

  1. How would you describe yourself in 3 words? Husband,  father, and boss
  2. What draws you to nonprofit work? Service beyond self.
  3. What was the last piece of art (book, music, movie, etc) that moved you, and why? I’m reading Making the Corps by Thomas E. Ricks at the same time my son is going through Marine Corps Boot Camp at MCRD San Diego. ‘Nuff said.
  4. What was your first job, and what lesson did you take from it that you still use today? I was a laborer on my dad’s construction sites at 15. I learned how to carry plywood, clean lumber, wheel concrete, drive a tractor, and drink coffee. I still drink coffee to this day.
  5. To be successful, what’s the most important skill a professional should develop? Be honest. Work Hard. Find joy in your work.
  6. Who makes you laugh the hardest? My wife, Patti.
  7. What was the worst purchase you’ve ever made? A betamax recorder in the early 80’s.
  8. Dogs or cats? Dogs
  9. Beatles or Elvis? Beatles
  10. Who do you call first with good news? Patti
  11. Who has most impacted your professional life? Patti
  12. What was your first record, CD, or cassette you bought? Beatles, White Album
  13. Who do you wish you could meet again for the first time? Patti
  14. Favorite Holiday? Christmas
  15. What travel experience has most influenced your life? Touring Germany and Italy sans kids last year.
  16. What inspires you to do your best work? Our clients and our staff.
  17. How do you restore your energy when you’re feeling worn down or burnt out? Sleep. Love our bed.
  18. Is there a humanitarian that has left an impression on you? There are several: Ray Hickey, Ed Lynch, Ed Firstenburg, George Propstra
  19. If a movie was made of your life, what actor or actress would you want to play you? Justin Bieber
  20. Favorite movie quote? “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”  The Princess Bride

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