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A Case Study


Vancouver, WA

CDM is Southwest Washington’s largest in-home care agency for the elderly, disabled, and those with dementia and traumatic brain injury. CDM also offers adult day services that incorporate meaningful therapies, activities, and socialization.

Westby Associates started working with CDM in 2005, conducting strategic planning and board development. We identified a capacity campaign need; Community Partnership Initiative focused on strategic funding to meet unmet needs among CDM clients. The initiative was successful not only in this mission objective, but also in launching CDM development efforts in the community, resulting in a branded series of annual special events including “Symbol of Freedom” celebrating veterans.

The Formula

“Soup to nuts” support including executive mentorship, board development, strategic planning, grant writing, and special events services.

The Result

We helped CDM evaluate its entry into the adult daycare market, which in turn created a need for an appropriate facility, leading to a feasibility study and launch of a $3.2 million capital campaign which is currently completed and open. Serving more Clark County residents.

cdm building

What The Community Says

“Westby Associates has improved our non-profit in so many ways – strategic planning, feasibility, events, a capital campaign – but most of all Westby Associates has guided us through the tough times and shown our organization (and our funders) that creativity, tenacity, and flexibility are as important as the original plan. We would not be where we are today without the experience, wisdom, and most of all problem solving of Westby Associates.”

Eric Erickson

Executive Director

CDM Timeline


Hire WAI for Strategic Planning


Symbol of Freedom Annual Event

July 2017


June 2018


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