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BIO: Kelsey Castrey joined Westby Associates in 2013 as our Special Projects Coordinator and moved to the position of Junior Associate in 2017. Now, an Associate, Kelsey will assume leadership of our special events team. Kelsey’s gentle and willing spirit provides a deep passion for serving others that is evident as she coordinates interviews for various studies and manages special events. She also maintains Westby Associates marketing efforts. Her ability to show leadership, innovation, and partner with organizations to achieve their vision shows her compassion not only for our clients but also for our community.

Kelsey graduated from Western Oregon University which led her to internships with the Polk County Health Department and the Community Health Education Center with the Salem Hospital where she assisted in the development of programs to help others lead a healthy lifestyle.

Kelsey knows her heart is meant to serve others and with her past experience in health education and nurturing childcare with the Marion County Health Department, it has taught her how to manage client relationships with a pleasant approach. Her ability to lead, innovate and partner with organizations to help achieve their vision, shows her compassion not only for our clients but also for our community.

Outside of the office, Kelsey spends her time raising her son to share a love of an active lifestyle. They play soccer, run, bike, hike and spend time with friends, family, and their family Sheltie, Porter.

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